Every year it seems to be the same birthday party. Dinner at a favorite restaurant, barbecue at the park, low-key hangout with friends and family, boat trip for 12 or less, or if it gets really crazy you may end up taking birthday shots at the bar. We have uncovered some glaring reasons to gather a huge group of friends and family and day-sail the beautiful Caribbean for an unbeatable price.

  1. A custom designed catamaran from Castaway Tour Co. hold up to 80 passengers
    Say goodbye to choosing between family and friends, invite them all!
  2. There’s something for everyone
    From sunbathing on the large decks or nets, to snorkeling with massive sea turtles, there’s bound to be a favorite part of the trip for everyone. Did we mention the bottomless drinks for adults?
  3. You have a whole crew to take care of you
    Everyone in your party can throw a few back and let their hair down. Your captain will get you from point a to point b safely. Meanwhile, your crew will lead you to the best snorkel spots and make you feel at ease at every point of your day. They’re also your bartenders for the day and will help make sure your trip goes as (you’ve) planned.
  4. The sky is the limit
    Trying to recreate a day from yacht week in Europe? Want to have three catamarans of 80 instead of one? Would rather hit up a beach than snorkel? Your trip is what you make it when you book a private tour. Of course pricing will reflect your choices, but we’re willing to go above and beyond to make your vision a reality.
  5. It’s affordable luxury
    Kim Kardashian is not the only person who can party on a catamaran for the day. A private catamaran usually starts at $1,800 (+20% gratuity). For a small amount per guest, you’re on a sail of a lifetime for your epic birthday, the one they’ll be talking about for years. Staying within the US Virgin Islands help save some cash as well. The British Virgin Islands are now charging $65 / person for customs. Stay in the USVI and enjoy a bigger, more luxurious boat!

Castaway Tour Co. will help you plan an unforgettable birthday party on a boat. With over 17 boats in the fleet, there is something for every group. Catamarans, pirate boats, the well-known Kon-Tiki, and Fast-Cats all make for exciting trips!