Q: What boat are you on?
A: Castaway Girl 1

Q: What do you love about Castaway Tour Co?
A: The company is a family owned business, which gives you the opportunity to meet with the owners, know their company story and connect on a higher level than most organizations. With my goal of becoming a captain someday, it’s great to have multiple captains that are willing and able to teach me new things every day. The other thing that’s great about having 17 boats in our fleet is having the opportunity to work on a variety of different boats! The other thing that keeps our crew so united is that we do all of the maintenance on the boats. It gives you more pride on what you’re doing on a daily basis! You worked hard to have the boat look great and run perfectly for the guests. The fact that I get to be on a sailing catamaran and share the experience to see reef systems, turtles, and shipwrecks is fantastic. Being able to share that experience with them is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Q: Favorite fish and why:
A: Ballyhoo: because you’ll be snorkeling looking at the bottom and all the sudden you’ll look up and they’ll be right in front of you! They usually only hang out 6-12 inches below the water. They’re the smallest fish in the swordfish family!

Q: Why did you move to St. Thomas?
A: To get my captains license and get out of industry I was working in at the time.